Bob Not Bob cover.jpg

written with Liz garton scanlon

illustrated by matthew cordell


Little Louie is stuck in bed with a bad cold. His nose is clogged, his ears are crackling, and his brain feels full. All he wants is his mom to take care of him, but whenever he calls out for her, his stuffed-up nose summons slobbery dog Bob instead!


"Scanlon and Vernick understand the way that being sick makes kids need comfort that they don’t usually need, how it makes them unrecognizable even to themselves, and the comfort a mother’s presence brings. Every page offers a giggle: 'His lips chapped and his eyes gunked. As for his nose, you can’t even imagine.' With its funny, congested language ('I doan wan by bedicine') and problems every reader will understand. This is read-aloud gold." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The co-authors’ narrative is satisfying beyond the funny gimmick, though, offering depth and heart in addition to the silly misunderstandings. Kids will relate to Little Louie’s suffering from both his cold symptoms and his inability to make his wishes heard. Cordell’s expressive loose-lined illustrations set on lots of white space enhance the humor
and help move the plot forward."
--The Horn Book (starred review)

"This is a fond and funny take on the way illness can bring the normally independent to desperately wanting their mommy ('When Little Louie got sick, he felt littler than usual'), and the readaloud instructions make this a perfect cheer-up for a kid tucked up with a cold."
--The Bulletin (starred review)

" Scanlon and Vernick’s text is sweet without treacle, and it gives Little Louie’s long-suffering couple of sick days a good ride. Cordell’s artwork is terrific ... the story has a lot of adorable acreage."--Kirkus