Illustrated by Chris Raschka

"In a witty epistolary narrative, Scanlon and Vernick (coauthors of Bob, Not Bob!) tackle the sometimes-unwelcome arrival of substitute teachers. Each shift in the narrator’s emotions—from suspicion to anger to intrigue—rings true in this perceptive, probing series of observations from a child’s viewpoint.” --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Scanlon and Vernick capture with humor and sympathy the indignation some kids feel when life doesn’t go as expected. In his watercolor and gouache paintings Raschka makes the mundane school setting fresh, wth unexpected twists." --Horn Book (starred review)

“A strange substitute teacher has arrived in the classroom! When a cameo drawing shows their regular teacher, Mrs. Giordano, at home feverish and green-faced with a thermometer in her mouth, the children realize they must endure Miss Pelly, who sports large red cat-eye glasses and seems clueless.”--Booklist (starred review)