illustrated by Priscilla burris

Clarion (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Hazel can’t wait for her baby brother to be born so she can talk and read with him! But when, at last, he arrives, he just sits there. More disappointing yet, when he finally speaks, his first word is a resounding NO! But Hazel resolves to wait some more—despite the ever-increasing NOs—and she keeps on reading aloud to him. Will Edgar ever say anything else? And if he does, what will his second word be? 
     The magic of sharing books is at the center of this hilarious new baby story that will resonate with book lovers and any child who has trouble waiting.

"Vernick has a lovely turn of phrase, and Edgar’s Second Word is a good choice for book-loving children who yearn not just to be read to, but to read." --The New York Times  

"Playful narration and amusing artwork will prompt readers to say, just like Edgar, 'Again.'” --Kirkus Reviews