Second Grade HOldout.jpg


A funny and slightly frazzled boy (whom you may remember from First Grade Dropout) flat-out refuses to move up to second grade in this hilarious tale of friendship, growing up, and moving on.


"This is a witty and fun story that will resonate with any child nervous about moving up a grade. Caregivers will find it particularly useful as a springboard to discuss school-related fears and anxieties with their children. An excellent addition to library collections ­during the back-to-school season."--School Library Journal

"Vernick gives a deft twist of humor to real anxieties about competence, growth, and change, and the sibling dynamic is both authentic and funny. Audiences will be tickled by the narrator’s attempted evasion, and they may enjoy coming up with some school whoppers of their own."--The Bulletin

Cordell’s scraggly cartooning expertly channels the narrator’s nervousness (and Tyler’s sisters’ mischievousness), and although Vernick ends on an encouraging note, she keeps the anxiety-fueled jokes coming until nearly the last page."--Publishers Weekly

"Funny and relatable, this book will make kids laugh out loud."--Washington Post