illustrated by Daniel Jennewein

Balzer & Bray (HarperCollins)

Does your buffalo pound on pots and pans?
Tap out rhythms at the dinner table?
It’s not as unusual as you might think.
He’s simply at the start of an exciting new journey.
A very loud musical journey that begins by teaching your buffalo to play drums.
(Did we mention it might be loud?)

"Several small pictures appear on most pages, surrounded by ample white space, showing the huge animal trying to engage in human activities like skateboarding and showering, resulting in some very funny scenarios. His expressions are priceless as he attempts to sit on a stool or hold drumsticks." --School Library Journal  

"With the same brand of absurd humor as its predecessor, it's as much a book about kids' proclivity for waffling between various interests as it is about the value of having earmuffs handy, 'if the magic's not happening.'" --Publishers Weekly